I accually have only read four of his books but, they were the only four books i have read cover to cover(in my life). looking fo new ones to read by him all the time.

BillySPizza BillySPizza
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I will keep Watchers in mind.

Dean Koontz Watchers ...its the first book i read front to back and i couldnt put it down it is awsome. iv read alot of his books sence then but i think Watchers is still my fav one of his

I will I just need to know what order the series is in. Plus I get my books from the library and drive a truck so when i go on the road I have to return them. If I knew when i would be in and out of town it would be easier to do. Thnx for the suggestion I will definitely try them. when I do I will post it in my profile.