BIG Koontz Fan....about Relentless

hello...i have been reading DEAN KOONTZ for years.probably over 35 of his books, and i have enjoyed many of them..But the new one, RELENTLESS i have a big problem with..has anyone read it? email me at MYSTERIOUSDAVID3@AOL.COM, i really want to discuss it with someone who has read spoilers now...please email....i will still read his books, will never stop, but this one has me mystified..i hope to hear from you..DAVID

3 Responses Jun 22, 2009

I must add that I recently tried reading Fear Nothing. I did not like it. I didn't finish it. I didn't like reading in every paragraph how debilitated the character was because he can't go out into the daylight.

I love Dean Koontz. I loved the Taking. From there I read the one about the psychologist who hyponotized people with the names of people from that book. I read this one about a little boy who met another boy who was crazy and they tried killing eachother, I read Odd Thomas (of course!) I read the one about the people who all had something in common and there was like 7 different stories going on at once. I read Velocity, that was pretty good. I read more. i never remember their titles though.<br />
And I never heard of John Saul, I'll have to look into him.<br />
I totally agree that Koontz is similar to King.

Yes! He is one of my favorite authors. I also like John Saul and Stephen King. I was disappointed when I learned that King used real life incidents to write his stories and he isn't original. Rose Red is from the Winchester House and The Shining is from that hotel built by that man for his wife and it's supposedly haunted. I always thought he was original.