Odd Thomas

I really loved this series, I have heard that it is supposed to a movie out of this series but no release date has been announced.

Anyway if you like Dean Koontz and want a good read try Odd Thomas series.



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i like his earlier books better than the later ones. the face of fear is probably my favorite. it was the first one i read by him and i was hooked after that.

I love Odd Thomas! It sucked when Stormy died though.. :(<br />
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Other Koontz novels that I like include The House of Thunder and The Face. There are many more but I've forgotten the titles, heh heh.. The first one I read was Intensity. What a work!

Loved Odd Thomas. Haven't read the others yet. I cannot wait for the movie!

YEah, I didn't realize it was a series, at first... so I FIRST read the second or third book!! lol. Each book can be read individually and still make sense, but they're BEST read in sequence! :) <br />
As I've commented before.... I think this series took Koontz to a different level of writing and thinking.... and it was a POSSITIVE difference!

If you like the Odd Thomas books I think there is 4 of them total. He has a bunch of books that he has written and I have loved all of them.