especially the book and I can't remember the title about the Nazis in time travel and romance and shooting and killing in California. Anybody remember the name of that one?
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Probably related to your other story about being on the "Dean's list".

I could be mistaken, but I believe that you are talking about his book titled "Lightning"?!? At one point in time, I had read EVERY book that he had written. I guess that was up until his "Odd Thomas" series came out, of which I've read the first three. Since I was "caught up" on all of his books, I moved on to another author. As such, I have not "caught back up" with all of his books. My favorite author is the one that was suggested to me right after Koontz. His name is Terry Goodkind and the "Sword of Truth" series is AWESOME!! You may want to try it?!?

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look that author up. yes I do believe it was called Lightning! it was, as everytime they traveled in time there was lighting