Stuck Between A **** And A Hard Place

Me and my sister shared a room until I was 12. She was 15. Long story short, one night she came in after her shower and thought I was already sleep. We had had an argument over something stupid earlier so when she came and stood beside my bed and called my name I pretended to be sleep. I opened my eyes just a slit and could see her belted robe. I was shocked when she flung her robe open, revealing the first set of **** and ***** i was to ever see! She turned around and slipped her robe off, showing her *** to me and getting my instant hard on even harder. After she hung up her robe on the back of the bedroom door, she got in her bed. I lay there doing my best impersonation of a coma patient, too scared and excited to even take a deep breath for fear of spoiling whatever was going to happen next. Once she got settled in her bed, she called my name again, this time a little louder. I kept pretending I was sleep. As I lay facing her, doing my best to keep my eyes barely open but still see, my sister starts playing with herself. For the whole time she was fingering her ***** I don't think I blinked or took a single breath! When she started to *** she covered her face with a pillow to muffle her screams and kicked the covers off, exposing all of her incredible body and her hand twisting between her legs. After she calmed down from her ****** she pulled the covers back over herself and called my name again. When I didn't answer she flipped the covers back, got up, and left (I guess to go to the bathroom). I jumped up and went over to her bed. I started licking the wet spot she had left. Her ***** juice tasted SO DAMN GOOD!! Before I knew it I came without even touching myself! From then on I was doing anything I could to smell or taste my sister's ***** juice. I did her laundry any and every chance I got, and she always thought I was just being helpful. We're a lot older now, I lost all opportunity to taste my sister's juices when she moved out, but I still never got over my addiction to the taste of her juice. She of course has her own place now and has a off and on relationship with this guy. Well, one day she was complaining about her relationship to me and I said I'd go talk to the guy. Me and him get to talking, sharing a few beers, and I got a lil too comfortable and told him about wanting my sister so bad I could taste it. He laughs and says he thinks he might still have some of her juice on his **** from this morning. I couldn't help myself. I convinced him to let me suck his ****. And sure enough, I could taste her on him! Even though her juice was on his **** it still tasted so damn good! The whole time I'm licking her juice off his **** he's talking **** to me, calling me a dirty **********, and all that. I tune him out and focus on the taste of my sister's incredible *****! Just like when I was younger I came without even touching myself! So here's the problem. My sister wants to break up with the guy because he's a lot of a jerk. He talks **** the whole time I'm tasting my sister's *** off his ****. I've done it a couple of times now. I feel like I need to keep them together so I can keep tasting her juice 'cause I don't think her next bf will let me taste her juice off his ****, and I'm pretty sure my sister won't let me eat her ***** outright.
M4realub2 M4realub2
51-55, M
Jan 20, 2013