An Underappreciated Poet

Longfellow. Now he is a poet, but is hardly ever mentioned. I have something to tell you that I just found out this past year. We may all have been to some degree exposed to some of his poetry such as the 'poem' Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. But did you know that that was never the whole poem? In fact, it wasn't even the best part. Midnight Ride of Paul Revere was only the landlord's tale from Longfellow's epic poem Tales from the Wayside Inn. After the landlord was ridiculed for such a horrible poem, one of the guests decided he could do better, and the stories do get better, and each one more original than the last as each guest gives a different tale night after night. Longfellow wrote, also, on nonfiction topics, such as the horrors of slavery. He wote The Song of Hiawatha. A story that rhymes from beginning to end about a man born from the west wind. His stories are intriguing, itelligent and, I think, not taught or appreciated enough in this day in age.
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