American Dad Wedgie:the Wedgie Machine Pt.1

Just another day regular Langley Falls said Steve Smith as he walked home alone bored,then he kicked a rock and it somethinghrd like metal,he followed the sound,found the object,and brought it home;As soon as he went up to his room he tryed tofigure out what it is;Steve:What the hell is thisthing a rubix cube,a geometric mabey it is a rubix hey what this say;*Dial clicks* Girl,awesome,*Dial. Clicks again*wedgie,atomic wedgie,,hanging wedgie,frontal wedgie,power wedgie,WHOA this is some type of girl wedging machine I'm gonna. Tryit om mom&Haley So Steve foun Francine in the kitchen bending over to get a pot steve already set to Girl-Atomic wedgie then pushed the start button then a claw shot out grabbed Francine's small frilly panties then lifted the pantieswith enough forceto lift them over her head blinding her Francine:AHH WHAT THE MOTHER ******* HELL WHO THE **** DID THIS TO ME IT FEELS LIKE MY *** IS ON FIRE AND RED AS A TOMATOE. TO BE CONTINUED IN PT.2
WGIEMASS WGIEMASS 13-15, M Jan 3, 2013

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