Love The Pictures... Hate The Tease

My old work partner Linda sent me some pictures the other day... we don't work at the same place any longer and not even in the same state, so she teases me by email... she's really good at it.

The first picture was a full length shot of her lying on her bed, totally naked with an array of toys beside her... beautiful tanned skin, full firm breasts with erect nipples and a cute little shaved play pen. It was quite arousing... that was her plan The caption was "I'd rather have you than fresh batteries"

The next pic was of her erect nipple glistening from her tongue and the very tip of it held in her teeth. again...quite arousing. The caption was "Wanna bite ?"

Next several pics show her using several of her toys in different positions and orifices.. with captions like "It can't get where you do" and "wish you were doing this to me"

Then a close up shot of her mouth... such a luscious mouth with bright red wet lipstick and her tongue sliding over her lips. The caption "you know what I want here, don't you ?"

The last one was a close up of a freshly shaved and oiled playpen... squatting and spread slightly with her finger just entering her hips... caption "I miss you a HOLE lot"

she is so good at the tease... I spent the next few minutes finishing off what she started...

I need a road trip.
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Jan 17, 2013