Not Always Possible.

I've lived in London, England, and in Germany.  Both of those countries have very strong recycling programs.  To the point of having seperate containers for blue, brown, green and clear glass.

The problem comes with the size of our country.  Look at the relative sizes of Germany, or England, compared with the U.S.  Sure, the bigger population centers can go with recycling, but the middle of the country is faced with high transportation costs.  I've tried to recycle, but after seeing the sorting bins in front of Wally World (you know who I mean) being taken to the local dump, I've pretty much realized the futility.  They no longer have the bins there, so I guess they gave up the pretense.

I used to save all of our aluminum cans, gave them to a neighbor.  He no longer takes them in as aluminum, it costs more in time and gas than it pays.  Now I just bag them up and put them by the street, hoping someone will 'swipe' them.
Rachael74 Rachael74
56-60, F
Jul 17, 2010