I Live In South Australia...wine Country,

It's hard to describe how good it feels to taste that perfect drop of red wine. Not exactly orgasmic, but close. I am going to start a catalogue of my favourites, For starters, I highly recommend Grant Burge Cab Sav Merlot 2007.
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I like the cut of your jib! My favourite ever would be a wendouree red, gifted this, when i researched I found how lucky I was! Coonawarra and barossa shiraz makes me oh so smiley :-)

Yeah, guilty as charged! We're big boozers here! a ha ha ha.

I must agree that wine is almost as good as an ******. And i am a red wine drinker. My love is any of the italian style called valpolicella. But i love and drink anything red and have tried some good australian wines. In canada a while ago they had a question about who the largest wine drinkers were per capita in the world. I was amazed to find out that you aussies were the winners. So congratulations

Giesen Savignon Blanc - it's a New Zealand Wine. And Maybe Wolf Blass Pinot Grigio from the Barossa region here in SA.<br />
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You're right about it not being my bag. It just doesn't agree with me. Still, I hope these are to your liking.