Why I Like Red Wine

I like red wine because it tells a story.  About the grapes, the sun and the rain, the soil.  About the winemaker, and what they think a wine should be, and who they think will drink it, what they will drink it with.

When I have a glass of red wine with my meal at home, in a restaurant, or at a bar, alone or with friends, all the things that went into that glass of wine are there with me.  My story and the wine's story intertwine.  There are wines for drinking with wine buddies, with acquaintances, at boring dinners, or at bars, in various emotional states.  Wines to be kept for years, or to be drunk right away.  Different bottles for different occasions.  I like that depth, and variety.  It's what keeps me trying new wines, and new combinations with food.


sdbear sdbear
2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

it is so difficult to choose, they all have their own way? a decent south african pinotage is lovely i agree, though it is hard to beat an imaginative cape shiraz. a cape merlot is sometimes so silky smooth, on the other hand, while a good south african cabernet sav. is a most handsome visitor to any table. you are spoiled for choice, especially in south africa!

well said. there is something supremely sincere and beautiful in wines. of course you have a necessary place for an everyday red, but the special reds, not always expensive, play a tune --from start, through middle, to a lasting finish. thanks.