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It’s the unforgettable night of our red wine
You wink at me after we drink and dine
I feel at ease cause am with a friend
With a gentle nudge  you hold my hand

My heart is in a flutter  with such sweet dance
Hearing the soft music, this is a rare chance
Swaying and touching with your loving arms
A moment in a lifetime, endearing remembrance

Am so confused if I'll yawn or frown
Will my spirit be up or down?
As you softly whisper, “can I kiss you this  time?”
I smile, conveying it’s certainly fine
With just one kiss, hope you ’re all mine.

The kiss you give might have to linger more
Seems like you can't simply just let go
Am trying to resist..Is this why we're here for?
Is this leading us to a forbidden door....?

Have to softly whisper, end the lingering kiss,
If we parted, that I would terribly miss
This is making me both wild and tame
I can put away the thoughts of shame
With your arms that hold me, I feel so insane
Wishing we can love each other all the same.
4BlackForest 4BlackForest 36-40, F 18 Responses Jul 19, 2010

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Omg... omg... wow... i just realized i am breathing so hard... wow... 4blackforest just drips with sensuality. Oh my.

Lol...funny man!

Red wine , several cheeses and good company ... nothing better 🍷🌞

best of time, my friend!

How did I miss this? ....beautiful! : )

Guess we're not close friends yet when I made this...thank you!

wow very nice, luv it :)

thank you. so nice of you to say.

I can't write like that, I admire people wo can

there are born poets and you're a born comedian. You make people laugh and happy, I guess that's better.

Oh we all have our thing, don't think any one thing is better, I think a poet can entertain people on a deeper did that come out of me? :O

see? I know you're just hide it behind your jokes and carefree attitude. ;)

oh so that's it. Guess I'm just devious like that :)



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excellent poem Miss Forest..ty for the read..Lj

thank you for appreciating.

Intriguing and complex, lovely way to start a story, but there's sooo much more, isn't there?

the dance ended all of a

hmmnn..your imagination tickles..let's celebrate, it's my birthday 2 days!

A tiny drop of wine catching another and joining as they run back from the lip of the glass, back to the bottom, bf4u.

so, do you mean...follow the leader?...let's walk together as friends so we can discover such mystery.

bf4u, It is you who lead. I only follow. Let me walk beside you as your friend? tg're so sensual and romantic.

Nothing like a drop of red wine on the lower lip to complete the beauty of a soft and gentle kiss.

thank you..with so much frustration if you read between the

oh really? a poet so I almost always say the nicest rhymes......(smiles)

absolutely!..thoroughly said.

thanks..this one had been really written delicately straight from the heart..with a lot of nudge, wink, yawn and frown..hahhaha

When you write from the heart, we can all feel your emotions. You're a great talent, hopelessly romantic, and incredibly creative. Thanks for sharing your poem with us.