I love red wine. Don't know why but recently (hmm, last 5 years or so, ha ha) I like to drink good red wine. As anybody I started when i was really young, uppssy. Anyway my first experience with alcohol was beer and I didn't like it. I have actually start to drink beer when i was 18 years of age. But white wine, vodka and rum a bit earlier. First the cheep stuff of course. Now I can't even smell it. As years went by I have developed expensive taste for Scotch - Lagavulin - is my favorite and taste for red wine. I am not expert on wine but I know what I like. Rich, fruity with a hint of smoky red wine. Luckily I have access to good Australian wines and some unique New Zealand wines(see my blog and pics.)

Now I am having every night glass or two of good red wine. For taste, not to get drunk.


41-45, M
Apr 7, 2008