Friendship, Intimacy, and Love

In my relationships with others, I have discovered that trust brings us closer to another person and the level or depth of trust we develop determines whether the relationship is one of friendship, intimacy, or love.

Most significant is the fact that over time, trust is enhanced and strengthened by two people giving honestly, unselfishly, and consistently.  The give and take of any relationship tutors us in patience, understanding and tolerance.  For me, trust is being willing to accept myself and others and recognise that there are positves and negatives that are vitally important, each in its own way, to building mutual satisfaction and love.  Trust is one of the catalysts that makes that happen.

Many people are frightened by the prospect of total trust, and it is something that we grow toward, letting down our own walls and becoming willing to be vulnerable.  I have felt this with my wife of forty years, with the woman I almost married, and with a nurse who cared for me when I was 18.  She said to me then, "Unless we are willing to take risks in life, we cannot grow."  I have never forgotten them, nor have I forgotten her.

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I share the same belief in this regard. I also agree, without risk, we can't advance in anything. Seldom are changes handed to us without risk and with support.<br />
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I envy the length and strength of your relationship, congratulations.