Hello Again :)

Hello this is just a little note to say sorry for not posting anything in a long time, it would be great if some of you could suggest any topic areas that they would like to learn about... Or let me know the stage in your spiritual journey so that i at least know how much you all need to know.. Am i working with complete beginers here.. Or not ?
Lets get this party up and running once more people ! :D
Love and light to you all Relms x
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Do you think going over past lifes may be of any help to you ?<br />
It may seem strange, but past lives make us who we are today and maybe we may uncover some explainations or momories that you may have forgotton from the spiritual world... And even this life now ?<br />
Who knows you may have been a spiritual healer, or a poor person who learned a lot in your own lifetime... Either way we experience everything for a reason.<br />
<br />
Alternatively, it may be of better help to you if we discuss out experiences (of what you can remember) and attempt to help one another find meanings for them. I could add in some techniques on how to communicate with guides who will help you on your journeys and i could share some knowledge on the astral world.<br />
<br />
It is up to you i am happy with either or both, and will begin the lessons posting as often as i can (every other day if i cant make each night) on an open topic board so that we can create discussions :)<br />
<br />
Thankyou both for replying and i hope we can continue this in the near future :)<br />
If you have any questions you may not want to post publicly feel free to inbox me here on experience project, and you will have my discression.<br />
Love and Light.... Relms x

i dont have alot of knowledge on my past lives.. but i do now that i have had many... one goin back as far to the begining of the humans.... but i konw for sure of at least 6lives

Hmmm, im new here that im not really understand what the real theme of this group. Well might that i, can be said that have full awaken that im bit strange of human world than the astral world or spirit world. But even though some topic in this group does interesting to me. So... I hope i could involve in some of next topics.

im still fairly new... as of right now im just trying to rememebr everything.... there is so much that i cant recalll.... so many years have past... and i know i havent but brushed the top of my abilities