I Like Remodel Work

When I was 12 my dad asked me to help him install the tile on the bathroom wall and that what started it all. I end up finishing the job and proceeded to painting and all that good staff. I used to paint until 3 in the morning not realizing how long I’ve been doing that. We purchased our first fixer upper when I was 22. It looked so bad that my husband did not wanted to buy it. I saw the ugliness of the house but I also saw what it could look like when we get done with it. We bought it and actually moved into it so we did not have to pay rent. D was embarrassed but I did not care, we lived in it and work at it until it turned into nice house. My neighbor had a brand new house next door and before we fixed it, she wanted to bulldoze it down but then she told me that now it looked as good as any other newer homes in the neighborhood.


Then we end up buying several other fixers and now I am ready to do another one. I think I don’t only like remodel work I also like the process of transformation.

luda123 luda123
Feb 20, 2010