Little Man

This man when i first layed my eyes on him i was in a room in a bad sitation the tutor put me in.
"who is this man" I shant name names but he works for the education system.

I was accused of hacking. He had it set in his mind that i was guilty even though there was no evidence. He preteneded to be nice and he said "hey the I.T guys wanted to call the cops but i stopped them" he then turned around and in his own words said

he implied that if i did not admit to it that i would not be finishing my education that they would tie this hearing on for so long that i won thave a education left by the time i was allowed back.

he said " i cant put words in your mouth but if you was to admit to doing this you can come back and finish your eduction if not then you wont be coming back" that is what he said in his own words.

I managed to finish the course but now its time to go back for another 2 years and i believe he has made sure i cant return because my application was turned down. My interview was with him and he said i cant go on the course.

Just looking at him makes me think what a underhanded person.

Revenge is something i plan to do. If he does not play ball and accept my request to reconsider and if i apply for the other course and am turned down then i know for sure that he does not want me back.

I will take the guy to court over the blackmail to get my revenge or use the tape recording as leverage.

I had spent 8 years of my life depressed with nothing to live for i managed to get help and better my life and edcuation was my hope of pulling my new life together and he has put a stop to that. i have never gone to town on anyone before but this guy i will

I have never done anything to this guy and in a blink of an eye he messes with my future. If i get revenge it will be the best.I will have my day even if it costs me to get him in a court room the S.O.B
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In the uk its a different ball game. I did go above is head. They promised to get back and file a complaint but nothing. The whole board was in on it the head as well. But i will get it sorted out in the end i will sort it out.

Pressure you - Pressure them ! Leave him out of the loop (1) go over his head with an official complaint (2) go to "IT" and ask for report from them to include in complaint (3) let all concerned know in writing that you will be taking further action. (4)If female - add sexual harassment and sexual extortion to the story, unless he has tapes to disprove he's up **** creek without a paddle for trying to take advantage of poor young thing. In the US this is usually not only effective but he'll be leaving under a big black cloud ----