Little girl here looking for a kinky dom daddy to Roleplay with! Message me!
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Love to be anything you want and need I be willing to tie u up andn

I am a master/Daddy/Dom seeking long term with a young, high sex drive Sex Slave/ Submissive/ Daughter. I am kind, sweet, honest, true, loving. I own my home in Florida, Am 52 yr old, very well endowed. **** size 9 1/2 by 3"wide. Very Firm, bold, fearless. Can you submit? I love to have lots of hot sex, age is just a number with me.You must be in the USA! Oh yea, love the sweet curves of your beautiful body, get at me at totalltim2 on yahoo and we can go from there.

You need to add ... or fix your filters on EP

Hi there. How are you? I'd love to chat sometime. I hope to hear from you soon!


Hi Im william and in the UK... cant message you!!!

Do you like to do daddy daughter rp here via ep mail?

You found him, how about teacher/student or boss/secretary or cop/criminal or you jump in here with some

Please add me sweet thing and I can be your daddy

funny that you have your filters to keep a older man out

You need to add me so we can message!
Do it now!

would love to be your daddy. but you must be a naughty daughter or else it is no fun

Hey would you still like to RP?

Strict headmaster looking for naughty student to discipline!

Message me

Don't be fooled fore he is a he

Excuse me? I'm not a guy

Just because I like yaoi doesn't default make me a guy.

Would love to play with you

Add me if you want to play