Bio: Alex was in an Irish-American family, but grew up his whole life on the coast of Scotland. He prefers himself to think of himself a Scot, and a very proud one at that. Complete with accent and no knowledge of America, he set out with his friend who was attending college. He lives in a small apartment to there now. Alex is an artist and inspiring musician. He enjoys all sorts of genres, but prefers to right himself song on more of the edgy side. Though he sings, he doesn't feel as comfortable with sharing it as he goes play guitar. He also is a skilled surfer. Furthermore, he's a hopeless romantic and extremely loyal, honest. He can have a bit of a temper at times depending on the altercation. He has a never ending sense of humor and hungry for constant adventure. Face Claim:

I'm a detailed roleplayer, looking for partners of roughly the same detail. I appreciate a solid plot, especially drama, romances and adventure. Inbox me whoever you like with character description. Face Claim not necessary.
ItsMarcoYay ItsMarcoYay
18-21, T
Aug 18, 2014