Murder paradise

the riot:
Yeah listen each prison has been informed. Rico remember the guards all switch shifts at 7am kill the gaurd as he pops the lock, and il run for the one at the next gate coming in! there always in swaps at that moment the other prisons know there times aswell the rest of the guys know to keep the rest of the correctional officers busy while we do this u have a 35 second window that's it once we get out we break the asylum free aswell we all got buddies in there you ready? Go!

News reports just in
New York prisons and insane asylums have been destroyed. riots all over the state causing issues for guards and police they cannot cover all the prisons and calls coming in Mayhem ensuing pandemonium every where family's slaughtered, stores pillaged, schools burned to ashes in the middle of the day as prisoners and are seen standing outside waiting for anyone fortunate enough to escape the blaze, women being molested explosions at banks limbs cover the streets as people dance around them people jumping from roofs of buildings and apartments to escape the misery from thoughs chasing them some of the attackers even following them off the roofs with weapons in hand the horror seen is everywhere and there's no hope for anyone here in New York.-Screens go blue and a beep can be heard-

-6 months later-

New York has been closed off from the world no longer a last ditch effort on the military's part to protect the people outside the city. A massive wall standing at nearly 80 stories surrounds the city no entry no escape any survivors stuck in the world of crime and poverty to fend for themselves in a third world country within a country are you a survivor trapped or a deranged lunatic seeking blood shed?
1992brandonc 1992brandonc
26-30, M
Aug 23, 2014