The Big One

I have a mission. To go on a roller coaster. It's been my mission now for almost two years. and when I say roller coaster, I mean this roller coaster up north in Blackpool. Called the Big One, I have tried my hardest to go on it. The first year, it rained, thus the ride did not open all day.Last year, I had to make a choice. Infusion or Big One. I chose Infusion. Why? Because it was new and apparently is the world's first suspension coaster over water. This is as they knocked down the log flume in 2006 ( I went on it the day before it was closed!) and replaced it with Infusion. I nearly lost my glasses. Infact, I had to catch them when they fell off after the first turn.

I know another roller coaster at Blackpool is this amazing one called Grand National. It's a two tracked wooden coaster and is brilliant. You basically race the other train around this circuit to the end. The trick is to have to heavy people near the front so you go down the steep drops quickly enough to propel you up again and around the turn. You ended up wgetting off the ride with shaky legs, but it's really worth it!


Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2008