i love extreme rides & roller coasters. the crazier the better. i love the one ride where you sit in this bench/cage thing w/ huge bungee cords on either side & they pull you way down then sling shot you into the air. it is terrifying but awesome. when i get off i have such an enormous adrenaline rush. i feel like i can do anything & and everyone likes me. that feeling fades all to quickly.

roller coasters are the same. the faster, the more twists, the more loops the better. i want to get on one & not be able to stop screaming. i want to look over the side & be terrified i'm going to fall but know deep down i won't. it's such a rush. all the dips, dives, loops...oh, the scariest (and therefore favorite) thing is when you go sideways, like you are on your side & there is a body of water under you. holy crap, that one gets my heart rate up.

but you know what sucks? my boyfriend will absolutely not get on a roller coaster. the little bitty one over New York New York Casino in Vegas? nope. had to ride it alone. silly man. :)
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Jul 11, 2007