"Sort Of" Scared

I'm 16 years old and yet to ride on a "real" roller coaster. I've rode on the baby ones, but never anything HUGE. I was going to ride my first one at the beginning of this month when we went on vacation and spent time at an amusement park, but I was sick the whole weekend :( So this October when I go back, I plan on it! Everyone else seems to love them so much, I've just got to get over the image of it flying off the track xD
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2007

omg you will love them. this past summer i went to holiday world with my friend...and i was like you, i hadn't rode a real roller coaster..and my first time i was kinda scared, but after like the second roller coaster i was addicted. ( it always seems that the first time is the scariest and it gradually gets better with each time, so dont ride one and then decide not to try it again...it usually gets better :D) ever since then ive rode every roller coaster i could possibly ride. the rush is like nothing else. and you feel like your flying.

remember what it felt like when you finally learned to ride a bike? how the wind felt, how freeing it really was? times that by about 20 and you've got a rollercoaster. it can be scary, but it's so much fun! <br />
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good luck!