The Best Ones!!!

My favorites... there are many I still have yet to ride, but these are the best so far (in order):
1. The Hulk at Universal Orlando- The most thrilling part is honestly at the very beginning. The leisurely ascent to the top of the first drop gets rudely interrupted at about halfway up when the train gets power-launched out of a tunnel and straight over the edge. The drops, loops and corkscrews on this thing are huge! The speed is also unbelievable. Best one I have ever ridden.
2. Top Gun at Great America- This one's best feature is in its car design- suspended, swinging seating. Very thrilling ride, and a very close second.
3. Colossus at Lagoon- My first big steel coaster. Really good ride, I got on it 8 times in a row when we went there, and it has sentimental value of course...
4. Dueling Dragons at Universal Orlando- Twin coaster fun!!! The track is designed so well for a "dueling coasters" setting; both coasters send the passengers whizzing by each other, waving and yelling, their heads miss by only a couple of feet at several intervals. It's a good laugh to be able to see the people on the other track.
5. California Screamin' at Disneyland- the only wooden coaster that's a favorite of mine; big drops and big speed make this one so much fun!
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2007