I Like Rough Sex

I am a 21-old girl who loves rough, hardcore sex. I want my boyfriend to snap me and put his **** into my mouth deeply and carelessly. The funny thing is that i hide my "strange" desire from him, i don't want him to know this, because i consider it to be abnormal behaviour. Since i hide my feelings from him, he doesn't know i want him to treat me harshly during sex. I watch so many rough sex videos online when he isn't beside me. First i used to think usually women want to be dominated and though i am one of them. but talking to my friends, i found out not every woman likes to be treated like a slave. because of my this strange desire i really like *******.
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hiiiiiiiiiiii, dear i can fullfill of all ur desire. if u give me permission

I understand what your talking about. I've come to enjoy it rough but with new lovers I don't know how they are or what would freak them out. I'm trying not to sleep around too much and wish I could find one guy who fulfills everything I want and need.

nothing strange about ur desire.... many women have fantasies of that rough play since young... problem is... hard to find a man who knows how to do it just right....

Each person comes to life with some built in stuff and some learned things later on. I think most important is to find what you like and then find the people who match your likes.

I have been the one to be rough on women. But I attract women who love this. Often they look so sweet and polite on the outside and in social settings, but they want to be "used" roughly and have a lot of sex.

Most women who do not like sex usually had some bad experiences. There are a great many men who know nothing about sex and 'do it badly'.

They have also been raised in societies that are very "Ewww that's disgusting" about most sexual things.

But the drive to BE SEXUAL is powerful and one way to breakthrough that is to find an alpha male is a dominant personality who will "force you" to do those things you secretly ache to do.

well i like Rough sex, its the only way i can enjoy sex, i told my husband about it, and he said its crazy and that he is not in to that. So i stopped talking about it.....

You know...I don't know...I'm not sure...but I don't think I was so rough when I was 21. Truly rough, really rough, intensely rough sex came many years later after years of practicing. All we knew back then was what we saw in ****, but it was like we were going through the motions. Like I said...it wasn't until I got older that I started figuring out which positions work best for a truly hard pounding dominating sex. Little things like moving my leg more to the side lead to deeper penetrations. Little things like that made all the difference between heavy breathing and a moan... or better yet... a moan and a scream! What's going to make a difference is a lot of practice with you. It's like Pavlov's Law. If you can't seem to tell him... wait for him to do something right during sex and respond positively. Every time you respond positively he learns what you like and will want to do it more and more often... unless he's selfish...and when I was 21...I was. Will it take time? Yup. But that's when both you and your bf learn what's good.

Try it as a role play sex situation. it lets you and your bf be "somebody else" in bed for a period of time . mouth ******* is great . im sure you would be great at it and enjoy you sexy little vixen. Peter

Hey kitty143, I agree with u. I found out not many girls or women like rough sex specially *******. They say man's ***** is disgusting, smells awful and how you can swallow it etc., But for me, it is not. As long as i am doing it with my loved one, it's not a bad thing, but the opposite. You know, the funny thing is, during the intercourse i like to feel my man's power and want to feel myself as i was his slave. and on this i agree with u crisean!

Why don;t you want your man to know about this? You know, he can't read your mind and what you like is what you like, no matter what other girls like...<br />
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By the way, I am 24 year woman and I LOVE rough sex...

Yeah, maybe u r right. but he's not the dancing kind. maybe i should try a different way. Thanks for commenting.

or a different guy. (*_~)

You just want a good facefuck. No big deal. Show your guy some good facefuck **** and he'll get the idea. <br />
<br />
Do it outside the bedroom. Take him out dancing, get him hot on the dance floor, tease him until he's hard, then have him facefuck you in the alley.