Take Me

Forcefully hold my tiny frame against the wall with your masculine build.
Roughly pin my delicate arms above my head with your calloused hand.
Devour my soft, plump lips with your ravenous kiss.
Firmly grope my supple breasts with your powerful palm.
Crudely pull my hardening nipples with your fierce fingers.
Abruptly wedge your hard knee between my silky thighs.
Demand my shapely legs to open for your bidding.
Take me!
LG76 LG76
36-40, F
7 Responses May 9, 2012

I don't think I'd have to demand....I know you'd open up for me...and beg me to take you....

I like a man with confidence :) lol

On my hand and knees

you grip my hips with strength

before I could beg you for more

you take me then by force

You ram your hard **** inside me

you thrust as hard as you can

making me gasp from the pain

as you pump hard.... again and again


I hope that's a good "wow" ;) xo. Thank you.


Nice fantasy, wish I could help

With pleasure....

I'm in!