A Rough Anal Sex With My Wife

I don't remember the details but, somehow, my wife & I got into a little argument just when we were getting in bed. She said something that really pissed me off but since I can't even remember it now, it probably was nothing that bad.

Anyway, argument over, she is lying on her stomach and asks me to rub her back.
"Rub your back?" I said, " I should spank your ***"
"Ok, but first give me a back rub."
OK?? I thought. Wow! She had never agreed to be spanked beyond a playful slap or two.
So, I gave her a back rub for a while which she obviously enjoyed. Then I started to massage her soft, round cushiony, *** cheeks. At first it was gentle then increasingly rougher. I grabbed each cheek in my hand and pulled them apart as far & as hard as I could, making her little ******* look so obscenely vulnerable and stretched. I did that a few times, each times it seemed her ******* gaped a bit more. I could tell that this was turning her on.

Then came a rather timid slap on one cheek, using a cupped hand. I wasn't sure how she will react to spanking & thought a cupped hand won't hurt that much. Her flesh bounced deliciously under my hand. She remained absolutely still without any response. Several more blows followed the same way but a bit more forcefully, alternatively landing on either cheek. Still not a peep!

So, I upped the ante and let a hard one land with full flat of my hand. "Ouch" she said but nothing more. Humm, she really is getting into it, I thought.
A few more slaps followed in rapid succession,making that sweet slaping sound, her *** flesh quivering & bouncing at each strike of my palm. Her skin was now definitely turning red and felt hot under my hand.
With one hand, I pulled her cheek away exposing her ******* & using just two fingers of the other hand I slapped right on her *******. She grunted loudly but did not move. Back to the usual *** spanking a few more times then one more finger slap on her *******. Again a loud grunt. I looked down. Her ***** was gaping and drooling a thin stream on to the bed.

"**** me now" she whispers.
" I am going to **** your *** & HARD!" I whispered in her ear. She only moaned in approval.

I got out a couple of my silk ties and tied both her wrists together & then to the bed post way above her head. Then started playing with her ******* again, exposing & hiding it alternatively, rubbing my dry finger over it and gently but persistently pushing it in.
I had never fingered her ******* without some kind of lube, saliva or ***** juice. But not that evening. It was going to be rough!

After a bit more effort, I finally pushed my finger all the way in her *** & start to finger-**** it. It became easier & easier. She was moaning loudly now.
Time to slide my **** in now. For a second, I thought of lube, as I always do, but decided against it. No, tonight will be a rough nite!
I lined up my **** head against her slightly open ******* & pushed. But no luck. I pulled back, fingered her some more & pushed it in again. Still no luck. I now pushed two fingers in her *******, with a bit of difficulty, and stretched it open. Tried again and got just the tip of the **** in but couldn't get the head past the sphincter. Damn, it was tight & dry!
I noticed in amazement that she had made no attempt to stop my totally dry assaults on her tender opening.

I decided that a tiny bit of lube will have to be used. But only the bare minimal. I lightly touched my **** on the slit of her *****. Reflexly she pushed back but I quickly moved away. No, I wasn't going to **** her ***** and will not coat my coat with her juices.
Now, I had barely a couple of drops of her juice on the very tip of my ****. I tried to push in her ******* again but damn it! It won't go in.
"Open your *******" I grunted as I slapped her *** cheeks.
Again, I pushed my hard **** against her *******. This time, she pushed up against me and with some difficulty, it started to slide in.
And then, with a little pop the head went in!
Her sphincter was SO tight that my **** felt sore. I could only imagine how sore she must've felt.
Slowly I started to push again and little by little her *** swallowed all of my ****. What a feeling!
After a few minutes of gentle *******, I picked up the pace. Grabbing her hair in one hand, I yanked her head back & held it in place. I asked her to raise herself on her knees so I can easily spank her *** while ******* it too.

With her wrists tied above her head, pulling her hair with left hand & spanking her *** again & again with my right hand, I pounded into her *** again & again, ruthlessly & mercilessly till we both climaxed almost at the same time, grunting loudly like wild animals.
After we caught our collective breaths, I slowly withdrew. My **** was definitely tender & sore. I untied her hands. Went to the bathroom & brought wet towels to gently clean & comfort her. Soon she was sound asleep.
Next day, I asked her how she felt.
"My *** is killing me" she said....... "but I love it!" she said with a grin.
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Sometimes we just want and need to have a man in control! Good job;)

What's that my dear?

Indeed! :-)

Great story, I enjoyed it

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it because you are the ultimate "arsefuck queen" :-)

We just have to hear more about this woman. She sounds perfectly hot. She probably does all kinds of things we would like to hear about.

Thanks. That's my lovely wife.
She is not usually like that & normally hates even the slightest pain. Generally quite conservative, she has a tendency to surprise me every now & then.
You may enjoy reading about our other adventures.

Wow, what a fun romp! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for reading it :-)

Wow....that's hOt!

Wow, super hot story. Love her submissiveness!

great story nice work

I wish I could **** my GF like this
she doesnt like it :(
and i dont know how tell tell her even

Thanks. I think you may have to work on her very, very slowly, never pressure her. You never know what she may agree to in the end ( pun intended ) lol