My Gf Likes It Rough (18+)

My gf likes being spanked with belt so hard it leaves marks on her ***.

She likes me taking her even when she says no. If she says no, I take her panties off really rough and spank her with my belt I use for work for even thinking about saying no to me really hard and then take her so hard it hurts me even.

Sometimes, I put my hands around her neck and choke her a little, she really likes that and thrusts much harder when I do it!

Sometimes I spank her so hard it hurts to sit down, but that's what she likes and that's what I do!:)

All my other ex's liked it filthy but usual way but I like keeping my lady satisfied and she keeps me satisfied too. Sometimes, i'm really gentle with her, I kiss her and touch her body so nice she doesn't even know i'm taking her panties down and when she reallises i'm rubbing her she shivers and lets out a moan.

We really like being told what to do aswell, it was her idea to have a girl on webcam tell us what to do while the girl on webcam played with herself. That was really hot. Wanna do it again:)

Alan25 Alan25
22-25, M
Sep 15, 2012