Perverted Girlfriend

About a year and a half ago I went out with an 18 year old for about 5 months, now this girl I thought was a shy innocent thing, how wrong I was, she had the imagination of a dirty filthy girl, the ideas and fantasies she had was incredible. she wasnt into the yuck stuff but she loved being dominated, she told me how she fantasied about being raped by a teacher or someone with authority.

Now I have had fantasies myself about being dominant and even blackmail ideas things like that. so looking back on it now it worked really well for us.

Now from a guys perspective the key to working us out id catering to our ego, now she knew me very quickly and one day confessed that she loved her body, she liked how it felt, looked and smelled, This drove me over the edge on wanting her she used to stand infront of the mirror and admire her body and would even play with herself infront of it.

she would even send me pics of herself and email me details of what she wanted me to do to her, usually it consisted of really rough sex, no anal or bdsm just raw bareback sex. we sent each other some seriously perverted stuff even to the point where she liked younger girls and wanted to have her way with them. we even put up a profile describing what we were after on a site.

When we finally had sex it wasnt gentle it was quite rough and even violent I remember one time she was so horny she started fighting me and so id fight back and force myself on her, she would get me so worked up that id force her off the bed onto the floor and **** her so hard from behind, id try and force it in her *** but she said no so id **** that ***** almost breaking it!!! she would be begging me to go harder and harder, shed be pinned down with one hand pulling her hair and the other holding her arm down. I pounded her so hard against the carpet like a piston, it was raw and animalistic in nature the way I had her on the floor and just as I was about to *** I pulled out spun her over and sprayed my *** all over her ***** and stomach, she kept looking at me with some hateful lust and played with herself until she came, she rubbed the *** all over her ***** and mixed it with hers.

we were both sweaty and exhausted, it took 2 days for her ***** to recover after that event but she loved it and told me to be more rough about it, she wanted to be slapped around a bit but I couldnt bring myself to go that far.

I must admit I enjoyed taking her from behind as she was helpless and felt so dominant she became my fucktoy and she liked the name of it. out of all the times we had sex that was the roughest it got.

after that that became the theme of our sex, there was not one time we were gentle none at all if we did it always turned out rough.

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A favorite fantasy of mine - Crazyabby

wish that wrre me