I Was Never Able to Find Someone Man Enough to Be Rough

I have always been into rough sex, I just was never able to find a partner who was man enough to give it to me as rough as i like. Then I met him...lets call him Charles, yes that's a good name. I love to be ****** hard and rough, name calling bondage all that and Charles gives me everything I have ever fantasized about and more. The first time I had rough sex with him I was nervous but I really got into it, he even showed me things I had never imagined. Biteng, slapping chokeing...mmm, gets me hot just thinking about it. What really did it for me though was being cuffed in very uncomfortable metal handcuffs, roughed up, called names and fliped over and ****** savagely in the *** until I am begging for mercy, witch only makes him rougher...I have never came so hard in my life!

roughrideinvixen roughrideinvixen
4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I think you should add me,and we can swap some stories about REALLY ROUGH sex...

It can only be a pleasure!

Oh man, that makes me horny just hearing that! lol

Hey vixen ... I completly agree. I love cuffs, 'specially each wrist cuffed to an ankle. Then he takes me so many ways ... on my back ... on my knees ... and in my mouth. I feel like a total ***** and I love that feeling.