My First Rough Sex

OK …. I had no idea I liked it rough until it happened to me.  My boyfriend (then, husband now) and I had gone camping in the Sierras with two other couples one spring.  On the third day we went for a day hike by ourselves over a ridge to a beautiful mountain lake.  Hot and sweaty we decided to skinny dip, and, since we hadn’t done it in a few days and we were naked in the water one thing led to another and pretty soon he just wouldn’t be denied.  Well … no condoms … no way … I wanted to just finish him with my mouth but he would have nothing of it … laced his fingers through my hair as I did take his **** in my mouth and pushed me under water … held me down.  At first I thought he was just playing … but … then I started to get worried … struggled … he let me up for one gasp … then … under the cold water again.  Pretty soon he was behind me … still holding me under and I couldn’t really resist as I was so out of breath.  He was inside me easily and then he just took me so hard and so long.  Every few strokes he would lift up my head so I could gasp a breath but then he pushed me back under.  When the big “O” hit I was shaking and screaming underwater.  He took his time … doing me fast and hard … then … backing off and just using long slow strokes … then hard again … I came twice before he let go and ravaged me like a beast until he exploded inside me.


Afterwards, we lay on the shore spooning.  I was gasping … confused … but feeling undeniably warm and wonderful toward him … even though he had forced me.  I wanted him to know how much I liked it … so … I kinda murmured in a warm satisfied way and wriggled my *** that was pressed to his loins.  Well … I got a lot more than I expected … in minutes he was raging again and this time he took me in the grass … but … from behind … which we had done many times before and I always love cause it is so deep and hard … except .. this time … after he was covered with my (and his, from before!) juices he pulled out and shocked me by taking my ***.  This was my first time that way.  I was totally shocked and just shrieking as he stretched and filled and ravaged my virgin ***.  When he finished with me we again lay spooning … gasping … silent and then I started to cry just a little.  He got worried as I cried, but then I laughed and told him I was way more than OK … I was feeling really satisfied for the first time in my life!

Now we have been married 15 years, and he still ravages me just like he did that sunny afternoon in the Sierras, and while I don’t always cry, sometimes, he can touch me so deeply that the tears just flow and it feels so good and so satisfying.

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I am so jealous of you ;)

Absolutely splendid!

Hi Matrix, I like it romantic too ... a lot. A romantic evening out ... dancing ... great food ... maybe a spectacular view ... and then cuddled up in his arms is a wonderful prelude to a long, slow, romantic love-making that is delightfully satisfying. That said, I also like to be taken. I don't know why. I used to worry about why, but now I just enjoy it. I think that I love that I am desired so much that he wants to take me ... and I love feeling totally out of control. I don't have any responsibility ... I just feel as he takes me. I think that is the most important part ... that I feel totally out of control and giving into my pure physical feeling. Love, Vicky

Matrix, good question!<br />
You feel that you are alive - that you are present - you are there!<br />
A little pain also takes over your mind, so it blocks out other things. So you and your partner are totally devoted to each other.

nice .. i wish you good life with your lover and your husband.. <br />
but the question here is .. why you like to get sex that hard .. it should be romantic .. i mean .. what do you feel when you get hard ******* ??<br />
do you feel that he like you alot ?? do you like the feeling of being under control ??

O yes, the slapping on the butt is the nicest part!, specially before or during sex.

My gf (my aunt) also like it rough. I slap her buttock until it turns red in doggy position and pulls her hair as I pound her with rough strokes. While I am on top, sometimes I hold her both boobs squeeze it hard and let it in that squeezed state and keep on banging her.

Thank you for your story, Vicky! <br />
In the bedroom i want my wife to take charge. As you said it is not possible to describe the feelings. I love it when she spanks me on the bare bud and/or pull my hair. I wish she would do it more often. The pain gives me extra<br />
satisfaction and for a day or 2, it is nice to relive the hole act by just feeling on my backside or when she does it!!

Be careful with the whole rape fantasy thing ... that is more dnagerous. I'd go there only if she explicitly asks for it. We didn't get there until we had been married about 6 or 7 years.<br />
<br />
Good luck - vicky

wow...<br />
<br />
And I just read your rape fetish experience. wow indeed..I want to try that out with my girl.<br />
<br />
=)<br />
<br />

Laughs ... thanks for all your questions ... I'm honored. Last question first: no, just because we like to be ravaged in the bedroom doesn't mean we want to be ordered around everywhere else. I'm definitely more of the organizer than my husband. So I keep the family calendar, plan many evenings, and in general run the day-to-day life of our family. But in the bedroom ... I want him to take charge. Remember ... it is not violent necessarily. I actually don’t like to be hurt. (With one exception, more on that later.) I love losing control, or never having it. I love that as he ravages me I simply feel, can simply exist totally in the moment and feel the sensation he creates deep inside me. I can’t really describe it, but it is a powerful, transcendent experience. When I have totally let go and given in to him there is no world outside of what he is doing to me. I suppose that the crucial issue here is that I am not taking any action. I don’t have to plan or think or have my rational brain on in any way.<br />
<br />
The exception to being hurt is erotic spanking. My best ******* are when he is spanking my ***. Not so hard that the pain interrupts my pleasure, but hard enough so that my *** stings and burns, even hours after sex. Sprawled on my tummy … legs spread with his fingers inside my sex as he spanks my *** with his belt is my most intense feeling. I don’t know why this pain is so good. I don’t like any other pain … a slap on the face feels like abuse, not love … but a hard slap on the *** is so sensual I just love it.<br />
<br />
Guess there is no way to account for how we are all wired.<br />
<br />
BTW … I do have a rape fetish … blush … you can read about one experience here: <a href="" target="ep_blank"></a> <br />
<br />
I consider this rape fetish to really be an extension of enjoying being forced. Again … he never hurts me really (although I do enjoy being a bit scared). Oh … one other pain that is sensual for me: hair pulling. When he ***** me from behind (either doggie style or anal) he grabs my hair and uses it to pull me back onto his ****. The burning in my scalp adds to the sensation and makes my ****** much more intense.<br />
<br />
I would suggest that you just try things with your girl. While ******* missionary try gripping her wrists and holding them tightly as you pound into her (my husband always does this, holds my wrists, and it is so sexy even if there is no other “forced” part of the sex). Or if you are behind her, lace your fingers through her hair and pull it, gently, then harder if she moans with pleasure.<br />
<br />
Most of us girls will let you know if you go too far and forgive you if you respect our limits when we tell you. We don’t really expect you to be mind readers … just adventurous enough to push us to new experiences and aware enough to stop if we ask you too. If you push her just hard enough and with love and care, you will be rewarded by the most satisfied smile you will ever see as tears of pure joy roll down her cheeks. It is intense, as intense as childbirth.<br />
<br />
Good-luck - Vicky

Thank you so much for replying! (Vicky I just got ur email) I havn't been rough with my girl, but we have talked about it. (on the phone) we'r kinda living in seperate cities at the moment. I really want to do it but im scared that I dont' want to hurt her. What is ur limit? How far is too far? <br />
<br />
Do you also have a rape fetish? I never asked my girl that becuase , I that too much?<br />
<br />
Plus the other question is, does this mean, in normal life you like a strong, confident, able-to-take-charge, assertive, kinda guy? Becuz im a very laid-back go with the flow type and I don't know if my girl dreams about the 'commandering' type of husband if she likes rough sex...any connection there?<br />
<br />

Manz - some men (and women) are just naturals when it comes to something like this. I suggest that you read the David Deida book "The Way of the Superior Man". It covers the physical, psychological and yes - spiritual - side of the type of relationship your gf is looking for. Good luck!

Your story, is a godsend because it is exactly what my girl tells me she wants me to do to her. We like each other, and I plan on marrying her but I have a hard time understanding why she wants to be ravaged. We havn't had sex yet. When I read your story, I almost understood it when you said "you cried because you felt so close to him". That is exactly what my girl wants and when we have sex I wish I can be that man for her, what ur husband was to you. My question is, do u feel more wanted and loved after being roughly taken? Im a very nice guy and I never want to hurt my girl, when can I take it further? Does rough sex just mean deep,hard strokes or does it mean more? like dirty naming calling etc?

We were about 4 miles from them ... over a ridge and down into a high valley. We often (still) go hiking in groups where we will hike into a base camp and then do independent day hikes in small groups or even just couples. Makes packing in the tents and stoves easier (more people) but allows for intimate hikes for individuals or couples. cheers, vicky

Ok - great story but I have to ask - where were the other couples when this was going down? :D

The willing submission to the one we love can be so wonderful, can't it!

You seem to have found your match.