Cant Beat It

if you are lucky enough like me to live in a rural area , in my opinion you are in a better place . great place to raise a family
plenty of scope for your children ,when the weather is nice you can go for walks take photos rock climb study nature,
so many things but for me two things stand out , clean air and so relaxing great stress buster if you have had a bad day just take to the hills all that my friends in my opinion you simply CANT BEAT IT
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4 Responses May 23, 2012

scotland, what i wouldnt give to live there....

Oh I do! Except for the midges ;) I'm a deep fried mars bar, and mountains, kind of gal

My oldest girl moved to NY and came back home to Fl and said she misses the city. She forgets how much she missed the green grass, the sun...<br />
Good you don't take the scenery for granted...

I love my little place in the country, yea I still live on a dirt road.

i live in the hills, when i drive home from work, and the rolling hills are around me, with horses cantering, birds is such a joy...we are blessed!