I Am Very Picky About Salads, But I Adore Them When They Are Right!!!

I don't order salads at restaurants because I don't like them. The kind of salad I eat is: romaine and mixed spring greens (such as baby spinach and arugula), pieces of red tomato, cucumber slices in halves, fresh corn, fennel, and my dad special dressing which is: olive oil and vinegar mixed with spicy mustard and some honey. That is how I like salad. We have that every saturday night. During the week I have the Newmans lettuce (which is the spinach and hard to spell stuff) with olive oil, vinegar, and a little frsh parmegan cheese. I only like very dark vinegar and olive oil though, the kind that makes your throat burn if you have it plain. With my salads I usually have toasted-to-almost-burned homemade foccacia or some other crunchy, robust bread, dipped in very strong olive oil. SOme might say i am a salad snob. I say I am a salad-holic.

LonelySoul LonelySoul
18-21, F
Jul 19, 2007