San Diego Living Is Expensive, But It's a Nice City

Rent and real estate costs in San Diego are so through-the-roof it's incredible. I enjoyed the sunshine and the generally mild climate though, and I REALLY miss being able to go to the beach on my days off. That was beautiful. I enjoyed all the general aspects of city life there, but if you rely on the public transit system there you're pretty limited as--believe it or not--the buses and trolley system do not run around the clock. I found that hard to believe. Generally most routes are cut off by midnight, some well before. Overall, though, it was an enjoyable experience.

bluegreensea bluegreensea
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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

I visited San Diego twice last year for conferences. I also had some free time to do some sightseeing. Fortunately I traveled with someone who used to live there so it was not hard getting around by car. I have pleasant memories of both visits and someday I might go back again. It's a nice city.