I really have nothing at all against her, but i do know she wont win as president if she runs for it. I don't want to see her win either. It isn't because i don't like her, but i think we need something different. Different the democrat republican or liberal. Maybe get a smart independent in.

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I believe a lot of people would of been better then the one we have now. When it came down to the final vote and our only real options was mccain and obama, i recall most people not wanting either one, but even though people said they didn't like either candidate they was still the options we was left with. We have what we have and will just have to see how we come out after the 4 years, or possibly even 8 years.

It is pointless though we are the sheep and they are the wolves. It isn't going to change that where there is a position of power there will be corruption.

we need something thats for sure lol

I am sure there is honest ones out there, but how many? and how can you really trust? Look at some of the most liked and trusted to find out we been lied to.. Besides the political parties don't look to help us out the people more then they do to support their own cause. They work for us not themselves. We need independents.

lol i wish it were so easy!<br />
<br />
and you are right.. they all didn't get to where they are being honest, it takes money to get into position and money takes deals.<br />
<br />
I wait for the day where a person runs a campaign based solely on what he can do with his own money and the donations of the citizens.. no companies, no sponsorships, just plain ol asking of favors for advertising space and using whatever funds there are to create something to get the message out there. <br />
<br />
that'll never happen though...

Well that goes for all of them i think. How far can you really trust a politician? Stop paying them so much and see who still wants the job. Maybe then we can start trusting them again?

haha.. I really dont trust her I think....<br />
<br />
I mean I really disliked her misleading the people, quitting office and go on a book tour while claiming to be worthy of the highest leadership and putting down the current leader. <br />
<br />
something just doesn't ring true.

Probably because she talks like a Canadian. Canada sucks...

its not that I disagree with her veiws.. I do, and I can respect the differences...I just can't put my finger on what gets to me about her.. its negative thats for sure.

She seems decent enough for me. I can respect other peoples political views with out disliking them.

I have a differing opinion of her in the like category. But I agree, I wouldn't see her succeeding either.

Who is or isn't running shouldn't even be an issue. They all should be focusing on what needs to be done and working toward that. Everything else is just petty high school drama.

I don't believe she has any intention on running. I think she won't say for sure, just to keep the liberals occupied...lol

For some reason a lot of people do, but she will never make it.

I like her too, and agree, I don't want her running for president.