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Gives mee tha Goose Bumps everytime

2 mee tha Exorcist is tha scariest movie i have Eva seen it just scares tha Holy crap out of mee everytime! i was in tha 4th grade when i was Xposed 2 it & saw it 4 tha 1st. time! i actually use 2 cover my ears & shut my eyes mee tight at certain parts! i am not really sure Y i have kind'a been drawn 2 it or should i say, intrested in it at times? i have wathed tha newer virsion with the spider walk & thoughs Little added thangs thay have added 2 it & compared 2 tha older virsion Like tha 1 i bought at the flea market 4 a $1.00 made 4 a VCR! i went 2 a Late midnite showing be4 with sum A bff's on Halloween & it was mostly older college & university peeps & they just all pretty much Laughed & made fun about it! 1 of my bff's said she found tha book in her closet & said she didn't no how it in got there? Looking at that purple cover & that creepy blurred cover of that gurl was kind'a scary & stuff! i don't no Y but i asked her if i could have it? i started reading it by myself & found that i could not & would not read it at nite! Alone at nite was a Little more than creepy 2 mee just being by myself at nite in my room especailly if my curtains were open! So i would only read it in tha day time! i was 2twards tha end of tha book when i took a bus down 2 tha Lower part of Texas i felt better reading it when people were all around mee! Get this i had finished it & a guy well man aksed how it was & i said it Little scary! Saying he needs 2 read it sumtime & i just handed it back 2 him saying U can have it i'm done with it anyway & he came up & got it from mee saying are sure? i said yeah it's cool maybe you can pass it on 2 when Ur done with it? He said yeah i can do that since he was going a Lot futher back 2 Virginia & how it will keep him occupied...
yummysweetladybugg yummysweetladybugg 18-21, F Feb 28, 2012

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