What are some good scary movies or shows to watch?
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I like this show American Horror Stor and I just started it. its not really scary but I like the smartly twisted plot

Oculus, The Shining, Silence Of The Lambs (hard to get in to), and Mama. If you want to watch a show then go for something like American Horror Story or Supernatural

and the saws are good too

Sinister, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, American Horror Story, Would You Rather, Human Centipede and Dead silence

I've only watched human centipede once lol it's so scary I don't dare watch it again. Have you seen part 2? The trailers for it even looks scary.

Part two is about a man who is obsessed with it tries it but with more people and no surgical equipment, aha its quite scary.

Didn't he make the human centipede with more people?

Yeah, do you wanna message me?

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