My Uniform

my uniform is...........
a navy blue blazer with green trim
blue v neck tank top jumper with green edge
white button up shirt
top button done up with clip on tie
black trousers
black school shoes
school logo branded raincoat
school logo branded wellies for snow
school logo branded rain poncho for people who don't do PE when it rains
optional blue PVC rain suit for bad weather

i love my school uniform and all the rainwear they offer, i wear it with pride and dont take it off till i go to sleep. i love it and wear it out at weekends i love looking so smart and adult like in my academy uniform and ***** over it
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If you lived in Australia those black trousers would be grey and short trousers in warmer days.

Do your trousers have elastic waists?

Yes in the early 1970 till about 1990 and belt loops were added plus basic zip-fly too and side adjuster tabs too in both long leg and regular shorter stylings' Í wore the longer type to year 5 then spent 1 year in the shorter ones and back to the long legs again but with a nice cut and fully elasticated till age 14.My old school has the boys from ages 5 to18 in proper grey shorts in the Summer and early Autumn and Spring months. I had to graduate back to prep-styled grey shorts at a Summer camp in mid December 1975 till Early February 1976 and Summer at freshly 14 and about go in to grade 8 and high school.
I hated wearing them after finally making it to long pants and big boy status but they 'borrowed' me for their top up of 12 schoolboys of the C of E backdrop after one little twelve year old fellow decided to not turn up during his Summer holidays as he did not want to be educated the prep-school way or proper Grammar school education of the UK.
I ENDED UP IN A PROPER PREPPY SCHOOL UNIFORM'grey shorts'white collared button up cotton shirt'red tie'red peak cap with emblazoned badge' grey knee-socks with red tops'red blazer with red lion badge and white piping adorning it' black leather Oxfords and a 1950's shorts back and sides.

I was spied on by the Reverend who was looking for a genuine choirboy around 12-13 to replace Billy the stop at home brat' I was in my blue jeans and gym-boots and red and black check shirt and very long hippy hack stack hair.

He found out my full details from my YMCA camp boss or guardian and told him and his wife of his plans for twelve 12 year olds who were lazy well-bred boys of wealthy means except Thomas Melton and I as we were both poor.
We were to be schooled and retooled in our slovenly appearances in the grooming department and this included appearing in three sports like tennis' soccer and rowing and maybe cricket too and they offered ballet' Gaelic' Highland and acting too as well as total choir for 7 weeks.

He rang my mum and she was happy to 'hand'her second boy over to the Anglicans for 7 or 8 weeks but this little Catholic was not a happy teenager.
I was frogmarched to the 'Brit-boys' camp as the Others called them or Toffees and shown to my twin bunk I was to share with Melton two years my junior.
Billy's gear became my gear and I was earmarked as one of the cherished twelvees as he called us with his rye smile.I watched as each boy vanished behind a canvas curtain to reappear a much different boy with a very short 1950's short back and sides or College Cut haircut and none of them were happy because the all had foppery hair.
Each changed in to full school uniform and all of them looked 9 or 10 in looks and all turned shy with red faces too.

I was shocked to my foundations and totally gobsmacked as the others when from hippy 1970's boys to 1950's private schoolboys with pulled up knee socks with green sock garters and belted grey shorts that just could be seen about two inches from their striking red blazers but a well groomed look and they looked like grade fivers.

I was told to have a soak in a hot soapy bath and once dried by the lady I was then forced in to white satin drawstring shorts and a nylon t-shirt with the same red lion badge that appeared on the caps and blazers and white regular socks and basic white tennis shoes belonging to the missing 12 year old Billy and I was rather miffed that the gear was my size.
I was led to a cane chair and a white overlarge towel was placed around my lower neck and covered my little boy clothes and she began to clipper and snip away generous piles of hair and in ten minutes I had the same short cut as the other boys and yes I looked 11 from then on.

The Reverend dressed me apart from my y-front white cotton auld world undies which I resented and was happy with my total look and strangely he checked my throat and missing Adams apple and asked to do voice scales and he had a huge smile on his face.
"Wonderful a treble soprano like Peter Phillips''said the Reverend.
His wife shaved my pale leg hairs and did under my armpits too and I had no hair yet down below but puberty was nearly on it's way.

I cried for 10 minutes after my humiliations and to be treated like a little boy annoyed the life out me.
I was made to front up to soccer in a cute all red silky soccer kit which I loathed but grew to like and allotted number 1 and goalkeeper in that he cheated in telling me to control a Coke can along the gutter and throwing soft beach balls at me full pelt and was happy he found the camp keeper as the other boys did not have long arms like mine.
I was also put in to full ballet program and decided to bide my time and just learn things and enjoy the ride Í did Scottish dancing in a kilt and put in to black lederhosen for kicking up a storm protest in being made to look like an 11 year boy in year 6.
I also did Irish dancing in a Irish kilt which I really hated too but Peter kicked in a door and had to wear girls pink satin underwear under his both kilts as punishment as for his girl hating personae.

He played the girl in the play and in a small ballet piece and no I never danced with him.
He went as a girl to elocution lessons at Lady Rowlington's house to be gentlemen but he still acted up till he got the death adder a thick horse belt on the bare bottom and six of the best too and after that he was just a nice little gentleman like the rest of the twelve year olds.

He stayed in his pink button-back dress when not doing lessons and had hair ribbons and Mary-jane shoes and frilly white socks and we did cubs too which I did like apart from wearing green shorts but the evil look from Father had me decide to fit in and yes I got a lot of cuts too especially the first day in their care.
Peter's mum let his secret out that he was a closet cross dresser and so he wore a red tartan skirt with his school uniform to curb his girl hating ways and it did do the trick.
He wore a girls wig when in his free time and he got used to it and we were warned not to tease him and graduated to white satin panties with lace on the legs but after two weeks he was a boy again but had all his free time in dresses and his mum joined the camp as a pianist for choir and dancing and coached the rowing eights too.

I was bought a blue wool shorts suit for getting great marks in choir and I wore it to a garden party and high tea at Mrs. Montheith's house in Kensington.
We recorded a 8 track recording but it got lost on the plane trip to the UK and has never turned up since but it was a superb choir record.
When I got snooty at my shorts wearing I was placed in little boy grey shorts which curbed my naughtiness as I was trying to get back my big boy ideals and they wanted done of that nonsense.

Did you break the word limit?

Almost but I have not written for at least two years.

You took the project by surprise! Hope it won't be another 2 years before your next epic recall!

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Did grey shorts happen to be part and parcel of your schoolwear.

I never owned a blazer at school and had to borrow one for school photos but I too liked the total look of dapper schoolboy but I got the chance to wear one with grey shorts and the longer type ones with knee socks in year 8 because Mum felt I was getting too big for my boots and made me at age 14 wear grey shorts for the start of the new school year and year 8 and fresh out of primary school and when Autumn came I finally graduated to longs but I felt the blazer looked so much better with the long grey shorts and beaut knee socks too.

I have same thing man, love the clip on tie, because you can't undo the top button, do you keep sleeves rolled down too?

yep always

Awesome, if you're around London area and wanna make out while in uniform, I'm well up for that, I know meeting strangers online is weird, but I'm not a creepy old guy, I'm a student in uni halls, so it's not quite as bad lol =P

I had to wear a normal blue tie but it was hard to do up properly.

Your blazer with green trim sounds brilliant; is it a traditional wool one or a polyester one?


Much easier to keep clean! The wool ones need dry cleaning every time they get messed.

i prefer them they look better

I agree they look very smart, there are some nice ones round here, black with purple trim, but I was brought up on wool blazers and love the feel of the cloth.

Mine was wool-blended.

Brilliance is part and parcel of blazer boys.

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Hey rain, sounds cool man wish I'd could see ya.