I Love Collecting And Wearing School Blazers

When I was still at school, I had this crazy habbit of wearing other boys school blazers, those that would fit me, as I was a bit on the big size.

Even today I have 40 different striped and braided school blazers in my collection, some have got a bit too small for me to wear now, but still have a lot I can wear.

I have mostly blazers from South African schools, but a couple from the UK and 1 from Australia. I would love to hear from anyone else that has blazers, and would maybe like to swop or send to me.

Email: schoolblazer2@gmail.com, I promise to answer all emails

Cheers for now, One of thesed ays I will put some pictures up of my collection.
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4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I had to borrow a school blazer for school photos but never got to wear one of my own and I too loved our school blue blazer but with the long leg styled grey shorts in junior high.
My school finally introduced grey school shorts for the high school boys in about 1982 and three years after I had graduated in 1979 and yes I was miffed because I had worn grey shorts in year 8 for two months in our Summer and felt it looked nice with shorts and knee socks.
The schoolies from my era have their sons in grey shorts now for the warm months but I was knighted the early trendsetter by my peers and the fact I arrived in year 8 newly 14 but looking 12ish and grey shorts suited my long legs.
I have 1 blazer in my wardrobe but it is not of my old school but it is blue though.

I have a few school blazers, but they are all plain colours, I'm afraid. I have had a fetish for school blazers since before I knew what a "fetish" was! My preference is for traditional 3-button wool blazers. When I was at grammar school, the uniform included a plain brown blazer for us boys, but the girls was edged in yellow and I loved them.

More than blazaers I love southafrican school uniforms with shrots of reasonable lengh and matching knee socks. It looks like avery beautiful country that I ´d like to visit some day. Greetings also form the South !!

I have a few blazers in my collection of school uniforms and do wear them from time to time

hi do your blazers have stripes or braiding, love to have a real good chat emial me at schoolblazer2@gmail.com

Blazers with braiding is becoming rare I am sure here in the uk, I find it hard.

Our old school had the piping in yellow and the blazer was blue and it looked nice with long grey shorts and matching knee socks and I wore grey shorts till year 8 and junior high and it is a good look for boys under 16.