I was caned regularly at school.Sometimes in private with my clothes on but sometimes on the bare bottom. Several times I was caned in front of the school whilst naked. It was very sexy to ***** off in front of both girls and boys and then have my bare bottom thrashed with a cane. The girls and boys were able to see everything and I had to stand there after my punishment.
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How degrading! It makes anxious, but it´s exciting me.

Me too!

Pants and panties pulled down to get a harsh caning in front of girls on the bare bottom must have been embarassing. I can imagine they are giggling and making remarks, when seeing your striped backside and your erection.

if you got caned in front of girls did it happen the other way round.<br />
did girls get caned in front of boys,if so what did they get caned on , skirts, knickers and even bare.<br />
<br />
Ionly got caned in front of boys once, it was a public caning in front of the whole school, my boyfriend at the time had a good look at my striped backside

Did you like the feeling?

Unfortunately not. They were caned but in private.

It was very sexy to ***** off in front of girls.

I agree!<br />
<br />
But it would be an absolute pleasure to watch the lovely bottoms of the girls being striped!