Brilliant Schubert

     Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828) lived in Vienna, Austria.  He received a formal music education early in life, playing the piano and violin, and quickly showed his profound ability.  One teacher found he had nothing to teach him and reportedly said "This one's learned from God!"   Another teacher wrote:
"If I wanted to instruct him in anything new, he already knew it.  Therefore I merely talked to him and watched him with silent astonishment".

     Schubert was a very prolific composer, writing almost a thousand works (including symphonies and a great deal of piano and vocal music).  Like Mozart,  he was one of the fastest writers in musical history - someone who could conceive a whole work in his head and immediately write it down.  He once told a friend:  "I have come into the world for no purpose but to compose".  He also set many poems to music and has been called the "poet of music".  Even on his deathbed he is said to have cried that new ideas were running through his head.  He died at the young age of thirty-one, officially from typhoid fever but some suspect the true cause was syphilis.

     Schubert's music is highly original and he is considered to be one of the greatest masters of melody.  His music can change keys effortlessly, often between a major and minor key.  He was overshadowed his entire life by Beethoven and his genius was not widely recognized until forty years after his death.  

     His Serenade is beautiful but a little haunting.  I also like Moment Musical and a number of his piano impromptus.  If only he had lived longer...
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May 14, 2012