Little Additions

When I have time & energy to give to my leisurely preparation of SE, I like to play with little flavour add-ons. It depends what's left over or available in the fridge. Some examples: chopped green spring onions, chopped ham (or any other cold cut of meat), mushrooms (chopped very fine), and the one I like best: grated cheese. First choice parmesan, but any grated cheese will do. All you milk buffs, who like to add it for fluffiness and flavour, imagine that with an extra companion of cheese, mmmm mmm.

Don't add much of any of these, only tiny amounts, for you still want the flavour of SE to dominate. But cheesy milky SE with perhaps a tad taste of mushies & onion. Hoo wee.
61-65, M
1 Response Sep 22, 2011

When I have leftover crab meat, I throw that in too. Mmmm...

Never tried that one. Sounds delicious.