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But there are far more oppurtunities with the male of the species when seeking married people, if you are female anyway.
Not that I go out of my way to seduce married people, my usual modus operendi is to sign up for a site such as alt.com or informed consent or collar me and then the people that I meet up with are sometimes married, which does add some additional zest, though is probably totally unreasonable of me.
But the latest one is someone I have met through an art project in the local area that I am involved in.
He is much older than me, which is not a problem, older men are my thing but he has been married for twenty seven years and its not like the usual scanario where he was out trolling for sex.
Definite chemistry between us and today he gave me a lift home, as I was about to get out of the car, we kissed on the lips.
So I am feeling all tingly inside but also guilty, as I don't want to be responsible for a guy stepping out of a twenty seven year marriage for my benefit.
But I also figure, if this was not something he had done before, there is no way he would have kissed me today, even if it was just a brief on the lips thing.
Update 2/1/13: So we saw each other again today and we agreed, that despite the attraction between the two of us, we are going to remain friends. I am pleased with myself, because rather than forcing the issue, as a I may have done in times prior to this, I firmly whacked the ball into his court and with all the factors here ( twenty seven year marriage, he's never strayed apparently, me being kinky, him not, as far as I am aware) and it's feels good to know that the boundaries between us have been firmly established (probably...).
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Good luck with this, I find that when I meet a woman who interests me keeping it on a friendly foot is very hard. When I am attracted sexually to her I just want her, all of her, mind, body, and spirit!

But that's my point, if he's not already stepped out of his marriage then I don't want to know.
If he has already had affairs then it's not like the first time he's done it and I have nothing against his wife anyway.
In your story you used someone for sex not giving a **** about her as a person, knowing that she had been emotionally coerced into things line anal sex. That is abuse pure and simple and you knew that, hence your lying facing the wall racked with guilt.
I once got my cousin to suck on my nipple when I was around twelve, coerced her into it and I spent years racked with guilt, had therapy to deal with it and would never ever post a story about it for the entertainment of others. My stories refer to me' and what I have allowed people to do to me. Not what I have done to people who probably come from backgrounds of abuse.

Because she likes ******* around she suffered abuse? I mentioned in the story she comes from a good family. She isn't a simpleton. She could have said no. She turned down one of my mates a ton of times no problem and her reason was he was 'too nice'. But as i said on my own page. Let's the 2 of us just keep our opinions to ourselves here after.

That's not a nice story, these guys wives are real humans with feelings like you, probably more than you if this story is anything to go by. The whole thing is horrible.

It takes two to tango,Enjoy.

You can't be responsible for the actions of others. He is making a choice. Give him a clear understanding that he is making this choice, and then if he continues to pursue, he is making his bed. So to speak.

We wil see what happens on Wednesday which is the next time I see him...

Are you going to persue or let him come to you?

Well most of the time there is going to be someone else there, as we will be at this art thing but I will continue flirting as I have been but hopefully he will take the initiative should we get some alone time, he was the one who iniated the kiss the other day...

Flirting when someone else is there . . . very hot.

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