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This has not happened yet, but I am going to sart planning on how to do it.  Seeing that I am away from home right now I have plenty of time to plan how I am going to make this happen.  My wife says that she will not do it, but I have goten her to do a lot of things she said she would not do.  For instance I got her to flash her boobs at a semi going down the road one day.  That was great fun for me.  If any one has any suggestions on how I can make thins happen Iam open to ideas.  I will be back home in a few months and need to get ready to have this expirance. 
fun4all4u fun4all4u 26-30, M 3 Responses Feb 18, 2012

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My former wife was a life-model when I met her and had absolutely no inhibiton when it came to public nudity. Her most outrageous act was at a summer party when after complaining she was too hot unabashedly shed all of her clothes. She had consumed a fair bit of vino so this was perhaps further than she may have gone otherwise but she felt no shame about it even after she was sobered up the next day. I am not entirely certain she recalled just how far she went however. She had perched herself regally in a comfy chair in the living room, stark naked and held audience with a group of men (and some women) who were not just ogling her but making comments. I watched and listened from across the room and was definitely turned on by her impromptu performance. She had what one would call a Rubinesque figure - not fat but but voluptuously curvacious with large 38DD breasts and an *** to match. The fact that she was at the time sporting unnatural blonde hair was evident by the sandy brown pubes barely concealing her ***** lips. One guy stated that he was surprised at how petite her **** was considering her general body size and another asked if her clitoris was equally petite (which I know it is) She quite happily spread her **** lips so the assembly could see for themselves. I was half expecting her to give them all a grander show by ************ for them but it peaked at this bit of show and tell. She recalled stripping off but did not remember the finer details when I reminded her of them the following day. She took it in her stride and didnt show the least chagrin over her actions.

I guess the question is why she is willing to do some things, but not this one. Do you want her to do anything more than be seen? Without such a threat, she should be willing to do things that don't hurt her, and being seen nude doesn't hurt.

good luck, let us know how you did, photos would be great

The best way is to take her to a nudist camp for the day. You both will feel comfortable and have a chance to show her off. Although these are non sexual places there is plenty of looking going on.