The "song" Of Geese

One of the things I get great enjoyment from, in the Autumn, is sitting out on the deck or in the backyard and getting to see and hear Canadian Geese flying overhead.

Often I can hear them before seeing them. They honk and communicate while they are flying and often fly in huge flocks, so the sound is magnified as they approach. Once you've heard them it's hard to NOT look up and see where they are. They fly overhead in the familiar "V" shape and on occasion, will land in the creek next to our house.

Last year, Kodiak and I were walking on the dike when a flock flew in to land on the creek. They flew in so low it felt like I could have reached up and brushed their bellies as they glided down to the water.

There is something about seeing them, these magnificent and beautiful birds, and hearing their in-flight conversations, that signals Autumn's appearance. The air is crisp and clean, the leaves are changing, the sky is a soft gray pallate. Colder weather is on the way, ushered in by the migration of geese and various birds, heading south for the winter.

I have often spent an evening, with a hot cup of 'pumpkin' flavored tea in hand, on the deck, wrapped in a sweater, watching the geese fly over. I can't think of many experiences that compare to the serenity of doing so.

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I have a friend who lives in Canada who equates them to pigeons... making a similar mess. He doesn't like them either. I guess my love for them is influenced by the fact that we seem to be a quick stop on their trips elsewhere. :) <br />
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No harm, No fowl. LOL

I love watching them fly overhead, but I wish they would stay there instead of overrunning my yard. When they take over the ground they leave their not so little presents all over the yard and the sidewalks. It's like an obstacle course in their seasons. They seem to think our property is their property. They like it here and refuse to fly to Canada. It's as bad almost as having a pack of dogs using your place for a restroom! I do love watching them landing en masse on a body of water, though, fantastic treat if you ever see it.<br />
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Lest you think I hate nature, I'm a huge nature lover and love animals, birds, reptiles and I even find insects interesting, even the ones that most people dislike, like spiders, for instance. I just dislike bug pests, flies, mosquitoes, etc. Of course butterflies are beautiful and dragonflies are wondrous creatures. I used to love watching them skim over the water, when I used to do a bit of minor boating. A night full of fireflies flashing is magical. A beautiful sunrise or sunset can take my breath away.<br />
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Put me next to a bunch of Lilies of the Valley wafting their perfume and I'm in heaven. They're my favorites. When the Lilac bushes are in bloom the scent on the air is wondrous. The fall coloration of the trees at their peak is like a dream. Yes, I do love nature a great deal. If geese weren't so messy, I'd love them a lot more than I do.

I did not know that fact about geese..Cool. I'm going to put that in my classroom discussion. Thank You ..I'll let you know what the children say..

I really am in awe of them... when I was working in a sewing factory, we worked in 'cells' or 'mods'. We all worked on the same garment, each of us doing an operation and passing it along so that the parts entered the group, and a finished garment left the group. <br />
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Because we had to work as a team we had team building workshops. They used the example of Canada Geese, how when they are migrating, when a single member of the flock is tired, sick, elderly, another goose will leave the flock with that goose and remain with it, until it is able to rejoin the group or until it passes. They do not leave a single member alone. <br />
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That sense of duty, responsibility and commitment to one another is certainly something to be admired, something we, as human beings, could learn from. <br />
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facinating aren't they? I'm seeing more and more flocks gathering & flying in formation. The childen at school, race along with them at recess..I bet every generation has done that forever.