Canada Geese.

I have often wondered why here in the UK,Canada Geese are called by this name and not Canadian Geese which would make much more sense.
I often walk the dogs around the ponds nearby where there is a fairly large colony of Canada Geese,they are beautiful to see and seem so domesticated,they have absolutely no fear of humans and seem to recognise the people straight away who have some bread to feed them with.Also on the ponds competing for the food are the common coots,quite often Swans,Great Crested Greebs and Mallards.Occasionally there appear other wildlife however as I am not a bird spotter I do not know their names.
The dogs are so used to the Mallards and Canada Geese that they cant even be bothered to chase them.I always take a little stale bread if I am walking the dogs around the park as I enjoy getting up close to these brave birds.
Often when I was travelling to work for an early shift that started at 0545 hrs I would be delayed when I approached the park,there before me would be probably at least three quarters of the birds crossing the Road,I can assure you they did not check for traffic! They would take their time waddling to the other side where the grass was in abundance.
What a wonderful sight it is to see Canada Geese in flight,quite graceful for such a large bird and hearing all the chit chat as they passed by,what exactly are they saying to each other.Then there is the spectacle of watching these large birds taking off and landing on water,they really must have some power in their wings.They appear to start by running as fast as they can whilst flapping their wings before taking to the air off water and their landings are so accurate on the water,it is a marvel watching Mother Nature,such a pleasure.
Yes I for one LOVE seeing and hearing Canada Geese.
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So nice to read appreciative commnents about these majestic birds. I grew up in Connecticut (southern New England, USA) and most people hated them because the geese pretty much stay year 'round (& eat & poop) on the abundant golf courses & condominium lawns. Not me - the sounds of them coming north in the spring sets my soul alight! I've moved farther north to Vermont & the flocks are much smaller & totally wild here. I delight in hearing the pairs that brave the cold early April weather to nest in the bog system below my land. For more info, I recommend Bernd Heinrich's (I may have mispelled) bird books, quite fascinating. Another reason (besides legal ones) not to have as pets is they are very fiesty creatures. When I & my neighbors were listers for our town we rescued a chick in the road who'd been separated from it's parents & was about to be a hawk dinner. While we worked in the town hall, awaiting the goose rescue person we'd contacted to pick up the chick, we had no where to keep this little being, who was attacking us with gusto. We finally found an empty wooden ballot box and shredded some paper & grass to nestle in - he wouldn't eat - & kept him there in the meantime, his little bill poking thru the slot. (he was sucessfully raised by a licensed person) I smile every time I vote in that box....

Thank you for your contribution to this entry clearly you are a very kind hearted individual with a love for nature and wildlife. :-)

A lovely comment,thank you.

Sorry, that should have been 11 minutes, not seconds.

I took my grandchildren on a guided tour around the bay near where I live. The tour guide was very informative. One of the things he said was that the Canada Goose poops on average of once every 11 seconds. We all had a good laugh over that because the next think he said was that he was glad he wasn't the lucky scientist who had to follow a goose around with a stopwatch timing its poops. <br />
<br />
I too love these lovely birds. When my little great granddaughter was a mere 18 months old, she thought they were dogs. Because she thought the sounds they made were barking. And she barked back at them. She always asked me to take her to see the doggies at the water.

Thank you and indeed I will continue to feed them.

Thanks for loving our Canada geese! I think they are a beautiful bird and yes they can be a bit messy, but if you think about how they survive on this earth and the distances they must travel just to escape our elements it is amazing! Please keep feeding them, I know they appreciate it!

Smiles,thank you for your contribution,I like your style!

Man we are so wrong! These creatures are world Geese. Ans so should we all be!

Actually that particular goose is described in the singular. So when you come across a vee of Canadian Geese flying south (in late late fall) over the tower of London please feel free to call them <br />
Canadian Geese. Here in western Canada they head south (I am about 50 miles or so north of the US/Canada border) around this time of year. I don't know where they go , maybe California or the Baja'<br />
They are beautiful to see but a lot of people do not like thekm because they poop alot in inappropriate places. Never get a Canada goose as a pet because you will need a high efficiency pooper scooper.<br />
What an effect us humans are having on the habitats on the true owners of our earth.

Me too,I do enjoy my walks with the dogs around the pond and admire and try to identify all the wild life

When I was in England, many moons ago... the family I was staying with took me to see Hampton Court Palace... we sat on the front lawn and had a picnic for lunch... the Canadian Geese that were there on the pond came right to us and one of them stole a big bite of my sandwich, right over my shoulder. I have pictures of me feeding them crisps. I think they are gorgeous!

Ahh,,the little devils have taken over all the ponds,I love them.

How do you manage to see canadian geese in the uk!?

btw, you are right that the correct term is "Canada Geese", but there is mention of them being called "Canadian Geese"... it seems as if that's the term used in my area of the country. :) <br />

Wow,that is interesting,I did not know that,thank you for sharing,I will look at them in a new light from now!

Garvan,<br />
I love them... when I was working in a sewing factory, many years ago, we worked as 'teams'. We did a training about teamwork where the trainer compared us to Canadian Geese.... they told us a flock of geese never leave a sick, tired, or old member alone. If a goose needs to stop, while flying on their migration, another goose will break off from the flock and stay with that one goose. They will wait with it, until it is well enough or regained enough strength, or has passed away, and will then rejoin the flock. <br />
<br />
They told us these birds are a true team, not letting one member be left behind, working together to make sure everyone makes the final destination. <br />
<br />
I found that so inspiring. It endeared these lovely graceful birds in my heart.