I'm Not Sure It Counts For Boyfriends

Long ago, several of my girlfriends did in fact cheat on me. Does that meet the definition of cuckolding, I'm not certain? I was young and angry about it, and did not accept it--they were dumped. I'm not sure back then if I had know ahead of time or been asked instead of being cheated on I would have been okay with it either--probably not. Only now would I think it was okay, even encourage it, and find it very exciting, but only if it was in the open. I think cheating is cheating and not really cuckolding. I know some would disagree, but I think cuckolding implies consent.  
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lol I'd say it sort of counts even if the definition of cuckold is a married man whose wife cheats on him.

But it was a gf that cheated on him. A long time ago a gf of mine dumped me (see my comment below) and it actually excited me thinking about her ******* her new bf, and I jacked off a lot thinking about them.

that's sexy

No, it doesn't count. When I was younger I had a g/f that remained a virgin until she dumped for a guy who had her sucking and ******* him in a very short time.

A cuckold is a man whose wife cheats. The connotation is her children are not her husband's and he has no knowledge of it but others know. The meaning has been distorted to mean the husband is aware and encourages the activity. The reality is that most men (over 50%) have wives that cheat at least to some extent. A man that is aware is a wittol.

I'm pretty sure that today I'd be jealous, but not angry and definitely turned on. I was never turned on back then.

I was looking at the list of members of this group and most are male or transgender, and older. Women have not expressed any opinions by way of a story. So I wonder if as we feel safer and more comfortable with ourselves we find it exciting for our mates to freely express their sexuality? Not that is is likely to happen in my case, but I feel confident I wouldn't blow up and end the relationship over it as I would have in my 20s or even 30s.