I walked in to my cousins bedroom (she was staying with my parents), I didn't know she was not dressed. She only had on bra, stockings, and garter belt and she was face towards the door. When I walked in I saw her thick brown bush. She covered up with her hands and yelled at me to get out. Later I relieved how good she looked. They she said she would pay me back.
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Fabulous sweetie

are you envious?

I know the feeling, there was a time I was with a friend and his cousin. We went out with the cousins friend, both him and his cousin left. Her fiend then tied a cherry stem in a knot. Then said what a talented tongue no one to use it on. I was nieve and did not say any thing. I wish she used that tongue on my ****.

I was a teenager and walked in on my neighbor, she commented that at least she had her bra and panties on. I missed the opportunity to follow through, sad looking back. Did she "get even?"