There's Nothing As Sexy As A Beautiful Woman In Lingerie

I believe that a gorgeous, sexy woman, looks absolutely stunning when she dresses for sex, or dresses to show herself off to men, & to let them know she is available.

I particualrly like to see a woman dressed in matching underwear, -- bra, panties, suspenders, -- with nice, lace topped stockings & stiletto heels of the "open toe" sandal variety. -- If she's also wearing a sheer baby doll negligee too, -- even better!

I love to see women who dress for sex when they go out, -- sexy underwear, very short skirts, stockings, stiletto heels, low cut, see through tops, with their faces nicely made up & wearing some erotic perfume. -- It's even nicer if they have some attractive jewellry on too.

My wife does all of those things, -- usually for other men, -- but sometimes too for me to photograph her, (copies of which she gives to her lovers).

Whenever we go out & she is on the lookout for sex with another man, she will dress in VERY sexy short skirts or dresses, & she makes sure she exposes plenty of thigh, -- & even her panties, (if she's wearing any!), -- when she sits on a bar stool or walks upstairs. -- When she walks she has a sexy wiggle to her hips which accentuates her shapely legs.

-- many times guys have approached her even when she is with me, & she has no hesitation in letting them know she is "available" if they take her fancy, & sometimes she will leave me sitting alone while she goes off with some guy for a quick **** in his car or in the washroom of the venue we are in. (After we get home she has me clean their *** from her ***** before she lets me **** her too).

I also like to look at sexy pics of other mens wives & gf's & beautiful t/girls on EP, -- often having to ********** as I enjoy their beautiful bodies on display for me.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I share your joys, photographing and sharing photos, getting excited seeing other wives, thinking of others looking at mine.