I Love Seeing My Sister In Her Bra And Panties

I love seeing women in lingerie. The first person who i saw in lingerie is my little sister. She is uber sexy in whatever she wears. We've grown up together seeing each others bodies develop and mature, but then we've never really felt shy changing clothes in front of each other. But it so happened that after my sis reached her puberty, she started acting a little strange. Strange in the sense that she did not want me to be around when she came home from school and wanted to change her skirt to her homewear. She always pushed me out and shut the door. I always wondered why she had this attitude shift since we were siblings. The more she did that the more I became curious about her developing body and decided to find out what she was hiding from me. I always arrived a little earlier and hid under her bed carefully without letting her know I was there. She would come from school every day and run right in to the room to change. Not knowing that I was hiding below her bed, she would remove her school uniform and roam around the room with only her bra and panties. I ve always seen my sister but seeing her in bra and panties were another thing. She was sexy. From then on I had this crazy desire to see her in her underwear always.

At the breakfast table every other day I made a pretext of dropping the spoon or napkin and bent below to peer under her uniform to see her white panties which she always wears during schooldays.
At 14 she was as sexy as a 30 year old lady and wore some really sexy underwear. Being a well-developed girl she started wearing brassieres at a very young age. Most of her panties and bras were white or black in colour and the white ones always had cute patterns or pink hearts on them. Another opportunity for me to see my sister's underwear was when she would sit on the sofa to tie her shoelace. I almost always offered to help her tie her shoelace which she cheerfully accepted.

Then one day she had just got back from school got in to her room to change her clothes. That day she forgot to latch her door I guess. She just went to the toilet and thinking she had latched the front door, kept the toilet door unlatched. I went to her room to check out some novels from her bookstack when I saw her uniform and lacy petticoat lying on the bed. I knew she was in there. I was just so curious. My heartbeat was racing. I walked towards her bathroom only to see my sister standing there in front of the mirror. Her black elastic panties were here half worn revealing the crack between her buttocks. She was trying to remove the hook from her bra. I went and gently stood behind her back looking at her gleaming eyes through the mirror. She was shocked at my unexpected presence in her washroom.

I just shut the door from inside, went close to her and told her " Sis, can I help". She just kept quite for a moment and then gestured to me to go ahead, showing me her back.. I slowly and carefully undid her bra strap and let it fall of the floor. Then I wrapped my hands around her, gently caressing her breasts and pink nipples. She started to moan. She wanted me to go on and on and then she turned. Our lips met. We necked passionately for sometime, until my hands went down and gently slid her panties off her thighs and on to the floor. The sweet haven between her legs were already quivering with excitement and turning pink and then orange. it need to be touched, licked and caressed. The pink of her vulva was starkly contrasting the dark black pubic hair around her P. I put my fingers on her P. Caressed the slightly grown pubic hair. Separated it and put my finger right on to her G-spot... and kept caressing it... i could feel my fingers getting soaked in her juices. Then I caressed her puss with my tongue and gladly drank the havenly juices my sister secreted. It tasted haven. The pleasure it gave me was amazing. Then I quietly admitted to her at bed - that I enjoyed seeing her in bra and panties. From that day on - she always made it a point to call me to her room when she was changing her clothes, sometimes even asking me to suggest what colour bra and panties she should wear that day. And I always asked her to wear white bra and panties with pink heart patterns or sometimes black lacy panties when I was in a kinky mood.
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good take care of her

That's not right, no material what age!!

Excellent story. That's a very special bond you share. Hope you protect her like a big brother should.

Yes, indeed we share a very special bond. Thank you for commenting.

excellent lo e the story

Thank you for reading my story.